A short article written by Cihat LEVENT on Ferbruary 12, 2014, got a lot of attention on social media. On February 14, 2014, “EDER”, Perpetual Friendship Eternal Rivalry, Facebook Group, whose originator was also Cihat LEVENT, has formed.  The platform reached to thousands of followers in a short period of time and  ideas about friendship in sports have been exchanged.

Because of the high interest about the platform and its mission, during the platform meeting on March 15, 2014, a decision made about forming an association. On April 07, 2014, EDER”, Perpetual Friendship Eternal Rivalry, Association has legally formed. Cihat LEVENT elected as the president  of EDER Association on July 15, 2014, during the first general assembly meeting.

The association continues working on preventing violence and promoting Fair - Play spirit in sports.